About Us

The African Youth Security Network was started by two Ghanaian youths with an academic and personal interest in African security. We saw that there was a gap in security discourse where the youth perspective was often overlooked, with policy and opinions being imposed rather than included. We hope to build a community where young security academics, professionals, and enthusiasts within the African continent can connect and collaborate.


Meet The Team


Leonie Mills


Leonie Mills has a master's degree in Security, Leadership and Society from King's College London, focusing on Africa and other emerging economies. She has explored a range of topics including terrorism, natural resources governance and international development. 
Currently, she is an Early Career Women's Fellow in peace, Security and Development at the African Leadership Centre.
She aims to work to further SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong institutions, by focusing on anti-corruption initiatives and strengthening state institutions. 
Previously she studied International Politics and Security Studies at Sheffield University, where she developed in-depth analytical skills.
AYSN came out of a need to truly include young people on the African continent a voice on security issues, also to develop their own critical thinking and network with like-minded people.